Movie Drinking Game: Inception


As if the movie Inception isn’t fucking with your brain enough, people came up with a drinking game for it. If understanding all the plot twists of this movie is hard enough when you’re sober, go try to figure it out when you’re getting hammered. Believe me, it’s not going to be easy. Here come the rules:

Drink whenever:

  • A new rule is explained.
  • Anyone goes a world “deeper” than the one they are currently in.
  • Every time a character wakes up.
  • Someone says something is impossible.
  • The rules of physics are bent or broken. Drink TWICE if/when a city rolls into itself as if it were a carpet.
  • Every time Marion Cotillard is mysterious.
  • Every time someone uses the word “inception”.

    P.S. To pro-drinkers – also drink whenever you see DiCaprio’s top toy. Cheers!

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10 Films You Should Have Watched In 2014

Seeing every self-respecting movie blog making this kind of list, and 2014 being a pretty good year for the film industry, I decided not to step out from the crowd and make my own. There are many like it, but this one is mine (mad Kubrick reference), so without further adieu I present to you Top 10 films that you, dearest readers, should definitely invest your time in.

P.S. The order of the films DOES NOT matter here. They’re all quality films, some may be worse than others, but in general they’re not even that comparable. Again, here they are 😉


Definitely an outstanding film,probably even one of the most interesting ones I’ve seen in a long time. The story, the cinematography and the cast – with all the elements combined, the movie makes an unforgettable experience with its long shots and great soundtrack. Not revealing the plot here – just go ahead and watch this damn thing 🙂


As washed up or corny this might seem, I want to include Interstellar in this list not because of all the talks about it, not because of all the appraises or curses this film got. I want to include it here because the fact is that after seeing it for the first time in the little cinema that I regularly go to, it made me not only fall in love with it, but go and watch it two more times – something I haven’t done for a long long time. Go McConaughey, go Nolan, go Interstellar!


I feel like Irish cinema is not appreciated well enough in the worldwide community, but of course it’s not the only reason to include Calvary in this list. The real reason would be yet another amazing performance of Brendan Gleeson, great views of Ireland and an emotional story that makes this film what it is – a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.


I was skeptical to see this film, because I didn’t believe in Steve Carell’s dramatic note – I’ve seen him before in Seeking a Friend For The End Of The World, and let’s just say that I was not thrilled to see his performance there. However, if you’re skeptical like me to see him in this film, throw AWAY all of the doubt and go see it – it’s Carell like you’ve never seen him before!

5.St. Vincent

It’s fucking Bill Murray. Nuff said 🙂


I’d never think that you can set the whole 85 minute film around one person, driving in a car for the whole time and it would still be a thrilling cinematic experience. Well, Locke proved me wrong!

7.The Rover

A fresh Australian look on post-apocalyptic world concentrates more on effect of “the happening” on human minds and behavior, rather than on what the surroundings would look like. Interesting touch, Guy Pierce is the bomb as usual, also surprisingly well delivered performance of Robert Pattinson. Twilight fans will be disappointed!

8.The Grand Budapest Hotel

A typical Wes Andersen film, a fairy tale like story of a European ski resort, with such plot twists as theft and battles for family fortune, all spiced up with the context of two World Wars and Anderson’s favorite symmetry of the shot. A perfect film for a cozy evening with a fire-place near by and a glass of swell red wine in your hand.

9.The Drop

I already made a separate post about this film, but let me repeat again – it’s not just good, it’s PRETTY good 🙂 One of the best examples of contemporary crime films, another highlight of Tom Hardy’s career and worthy ending for that of James Gandolfini.

10.As Above, So Below

Last, but not the least – I felt like I should include a horror film in this list. Though not being a great fan of horror cinema, As Above, So Below attracted me with its unusual concept and setting. I do agree with many critics that say it uses a lot of clichés like jump scares, but come on – it’s a horror film, how much innovative can you really be in that genre?

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Fast Food Goes Hollywood

guns ronald mcdonald mcdonalds 1360x768 wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_6
Movie capital of the world finally got its long hands on the symbol of capitalistic world – fast food chain of restaurants McDonald’s. There is a talk of movie under alleged working title “The Founder”, which will tell the story of how the empire of hamburgers was built. The script is written by Robert D. Siegel, known for his work on The WrestlerIt’s telling the story of Ray Kroc, a businessman from the state of Illinois who arrived in South California and discovered a small cafe (McDonald’s), founded by Mac and Dick McDonalds. Ray quickly realized the potential of the cafe and offered the brothers to merge and create a franchise, an offer they couldn’t refuse. The first franchise restaurant was opened in Ray’s homeland of Illinois in 1955 and soon the chain spread all over U.S.. In 1961 Kroc bought out all the rights for the franchise and built the most successful chain of fast food restaurants in the world. John Lee Hancock (Saving Mr. Banks) is appointed as the director of the film and it is promised to be a mix of There Will Be Blood and Social Network. Though it is not crystal clear who is going to play the main role and when the shooting is going to start, the whole concept sounds interesting to me, let’s see how it will work out!

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