Movie Drinking Game: Inception


As if the movie Inception isn’t fucking with your brain enough, people came up with a drinking game for it. If understanding all the plot twists of this movie is hard enough when you’re sober, go try to figure it out when you’re getting hammered. Believe me, it’s not going to be easy. Here come the rules:

Drink whenever:

  • A new rule is explained.
  • Anyone goes a world “deeper” than the one they are currently in.
  • Every time a character wakes up.
  • Someone says something is impossible.
  • The rules of physics are bent or broken. Drink TWICE if/when a city rolls into itself as if it were a carpet.
  • Every time Marion Cotillard is mysterious.
  • Every time someone uses the word “inception”.

    P.S. To pro-drinkers – also drink whenever you see DiCaprio’s top toy. Cheers!

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