Coen Brothers Upcoming Film

Joel And Ethan Coen Pose In New York
Ethan and Joel Coens recently decided to return to the project they thought of not less than 10 years ago. I’m talking about a motion picture called “Hail Caesar”. In best traditions of the borthers, the film is going to be satirical and that its action will take place in the 1950’s. The broad topic of the film will be the backstage life of Hollywood, and more specifically will tell the story of Eddie Mannix, a specialist of defending the eminent actors form blackmailers and yellow press. The rumor has it that the character is based upon real person Fred Otash, who actually spied on celebrities and even tapped their phones. He was also entrusted by Peter Lawford to investigate death of infamous Marylyn Monroe in 1962. Another part of Fred’s business was to smother up celebrities scandals with love affairs, drinking and drugs, which will also be one of the film’s main character main occupations. For 10 years Coen brothers are trying to persuade George Clooney to play this role, however ineffectually till now. Let’s hope Mr. Clooney will agree eventually, as he might just be perfect for this role.

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