Movie News: Marvel Talking About “Gambit” Movie


Marvel is reviving it’s old character again, this time they started talking about making a separate movie about their character Gambit, also known as  Remy Etienne LeBeau, a superhero who can create and control kinetic energy of any object and is very skilled at card tricks. Last time Gambit appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and was portrayed by Taylor Kitsch, who lately became known as “blighter of blockbusters” as many actions films where Taylor has the main role became “box office bombs” (John Carter, Battleship). Now the fans of Marvel Universe were wondering if Kitsch is going to continue playing the character or somebody who is not associated with films huge money losses will be chosen instead. Channing Tatum helped the producers make a decision when he approached Lauren Shuler Donner, producer of all films from the X-Men series. Channing stated that Gambit is his favorite character from the Marvel Universe and that he feels “an inexplicable connection” with him, and that he would be flattered to have an opportunity to portray him on the screen. Recently Donner came out with a public confirmation of Tatum actually being signed up for the role, as he fits the approximate description and resembles Gambit in personality. The expected release date of the film is still not known.

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